Investment Fiduciary Consulting

An Investment Fiduciary is a person who has been put in charge of someone else’s money.

Tillit Associates offers unbiased and individualized counsel to clients who are either investment fiduciaries themselves or who rely upon these advisors.  The Tillit Associates team has been specially trained and credentialed to advise clients on:

  • Portfolio risk and expenses, including policy decisions and adherence
  • General prudent investment practices and strategies
  • Litigation and claims related to investment fiduciary activities

Tillit Associates provides oversight for investment fiduciaries and their clients, ensuring that their recommendations and outcomes adhere to federal and state laws, as well as industry best practices.

Clients who hold this position for others are often unaware of the multitude of responsibilities it entails. Our clients often hold positions, such as executor or trustee of an estate; retirement plan administrator or board member of a not-for-profit enterprise. Alternatively, many of our clients have entrusted their assets to investment managers or are beneficiaries of an estate or trust that is administered by another party. Tillit Associates helps clients execute their own fiduciary duties, and/or appropriately monitor the person who is executing these decisions for them. At the end of the day, our investment fiduciary advice can help you attain portfolio management that is consistent with fiduciary best practices.

Finally, Tillit Associates has worked on cases where investment advisors or trustees have been disappointing in their effectiveness and our clients have been forced into litigation to achieve compensation or change behaviors. Our proficiency in assessing the validity of such claims in partnership with clients’ legal counsel, and our service as expert witnesses in these cases, has achieved client goals time after time.

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