Estate & Trust Planning and Administration

Tillit Associates senior advisors are often trusted counselors to estate and trust clients with diverse needs and varied goals. Years of experience have prepared us to work effectively with these clients, with an eye to properly managing sensitive family and personal needs. We deliver an estate and trust plan and administration policy using an all-inclusive approach, working closely with clients’ legal counsel and other advisers in developing and documenting a best-in-class plan for lifetime wealth management and eventual transfer.

Naming an executor or trustee is often a thorny issue for our clients. The dilemma they face is identifying a person who can sensitively carry out their intentions while also possessing solid, asset management experience. Tillit Associates advisors often have ongoing relationships with their clients before they embark on the estate and trust planning project with them. As a result, our clients often choose Tillit Associates personnel as executors and trustees on their behalf, ensuring a competent, objective and independent party will manage their financial affairs after they are gone.

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